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Sunshine and Rainbows in Grenada-A Caribbean Hidden Gem

Happy Independence to the lovely people of Grenada who celebrated 50 years of sovereignty and progress since gaining independence from British rule in February 1974.

Spice Island Beach Resort
Flowers greet you at Spice Island Beach Resort

My husband and I recently visited Grenada for the first time and the island was awash in the colors of their flag - green for the country’s lush vegetation and agriculture, yellow for its sunshine, warmth and wisdom, and red representing the harmony, courage and vitality of the Grenadian people.


We split the week between two beautiful and very different resorts on opposite ends of Grande Anse Beach – a two-mile stretch of sparkling white sand and gentle ocean waves.


Spice Island Beach Resort is a chill family-owned resort with beachfront everything – suites, dining, yoga, and lots of places to lounge. It has a quiet vibe with opportunities to mingle if you want. The upscale all-inclusive experience includes gourmet meals and all types of refreshing drinks. There’s also afternoon tea, if that’s your thing. Freshly renovated with a light and bright feel, the resort takes full advantage of the native palm, almond and sea grape trees so you can easily find your oceanfront spot in the shade. It's truly a zen experience.

On the north end of the beach stands Silversands with a sleek, modern feel and cosmopolitan vibe. The amazingly long infinity pool – the longest in the Caribbean – is breathtaking and a perfect spot to get that great pic.

Silversands Grenada
Longest infinity pool in the Caribbean - Silversands Grenada

The spacious suites are super modern. And if you’re bringing family and/or friends, you can walk right on the beach from one of the four-bedroom luxury villas with their own beachside infinity pools. The villas double beautifully as a destination wedding spot or an inspirational site for a small corporate meeting.

 And bonus – We toured Silversands Beach House as they finished up the beachfront boutique hotel days before welcoming their first guests. It’s gorgeous!

Silversands Beach House
The beachfront free-standing rooms at Silversands Beach House, Grenada

 It was literally sunshine and rainbows, and so much more.


There is plenty to do in Grenada. It’s known as Spice Island and you can learn about the island’s diverse and rich agricultural practices that cultivate nutmeg, cocoa, bananas, and spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. You can tour the world-renowned rum distilleries and chocolate factories. And the narrow, steep mountain roads make just traveling around the island an adventure.


We loved snorkeling through the Underwater Sculpture Park -- the first of its kind. The sculptures will become artificial reefs, attracting an array of marine life and offering a surreal underwater experience. This innovative fusion of art and marine conservation makes the Underwater Sculpture Park a must-visit for eco-conscious travelers and art enthusiasts alike.

 We highly recommend Grenada as an up-and-coming Caribbean destination that’s an easy flight from New York, Boston, Miami and the UK. It won’t stay off the radar for long.

Reach out to learn more! 

Jubilosa Travel on Grande Anse Beach, Grenada
Stephanie and Miguel Echavarri on Grande Anse Beach, Grenada


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